At Hotel La Tour, we understand the importance of delivering a wake venue and event befitting of the loved one you have recently lost. We have all lost somebody close at some point in our lives and know how heartbreaking and traumatic a time this can be. We aim to make the process of planning and organising the wake venue as stress-free and easy as possible.

Our wake packages can be scaled in any fashion to suit the amount of guests you wish to invite.

Bathed in natural daylight, wonderfully furnished and hosted by a great team of people, The Auden Rooms, in which our wakes are held, are specifically designed event spaces which give the ability to tailor the venue to create you’re the wake you wish for. Unlike many other hospitality venues or hotels, we’ll ensure your wake runs to primarily suit you, so no matter what your timetable or special requests, we’ll make your wake happen just how you want it.